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A Message From  the Strother's!

Thanks for Choosing Strother Laundry Service!

Since we began offering laundry services, it has been our commitment to provide services that are of 1. Convenience 2. Quality & Care, and 3. The Strother's Guarantee! 

It is our mission to provide you with timely services, with turn around times as quick as same day, or no later than 24 hours. For your products care, we always use quality products, specific to your individual preference. Leaving you with the "Strother's Guarantee" we will always provide Fair Pricing, Friendly Customer Service, and Fast turnaround times! For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today.

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Our Story

One morning, I stepped into the basement to grab a pair of shoes for work. When I looked over my shoulder, I saw IT! LAUNDRY PILED HIGH, after we had already washed, folded, and put everything away 2 days prior! LITERALLY,  EVERYTHING!!!! It looked as if we had not done laundry in a week and was beyond frustrating. I remember saying aloud to myself “I wish I could pay someone to do this for me, because , I just don't have the time!” Heading up the stairs and on my way out the door I thought, "If I feel this way, how many other people feel the same way?" It was in that moment, Strother Laundry Service was birthed, with a plan to give our customers their time back..."for the important things!"

About Us!: About
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