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Is There a Minimum

The Minimum Charge is $36

Can I request Special Instructions

We try our best to accommodate any special requests (ie air dry, hang dry, low dry) but please keep in mind that due to time restraints, some items may com back a little damp.

Is There a cancellation fee

There is a cancellation /no show fee of $36 if you are unable to make your appointment without giving at least 3 hours notice.

Is there a fee to book

There is a $36 non-refundable deposit to book our services, this fee will be collected via electronic payment (i.e Debit/credit card, cashapp, venmo, apple pay). Please be aware that you're appointment is not booked until your deposit is received.

Specials & Specifics: FAQ


What if Items are damaged

We will not be responsible for damage of items due to: items fading, shrinking or bleeding, things left in pockets (i.e pens or markers, food/candy, nail polish, silly putty/slime ect.)

Hours of Operation

Sunday: Closed (delivery only)
Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm

What constitutes a load

Although we charge by the load, 1 load of clothes equates to 8lbs.

Do you provide dry cleaning services

Not at this time, BUT CKECK BACK SOON!!

Specials & Specifics: FAQ
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